Transformations: AdvisoryAero is your guide and partner on the road to the next level of efficiency and cost effectiveness.
Transactions: We bring our breadth and depth of industry knowledge to your acquisition pursuits.

Digital Transformation

The future of manufacturing will be more connected and more digitized. Fundamentally, it is about utilizing more affordable computing, sensing and actuation. Eschewing the buzzwords, we help out clients implement industry 4.0 tools where it makes sense. Our consultants will help build the business case, explore the best off the shelf options, or just build a tool or a system if necessary. It will be a turn key solution including employee training and easy user interface.

What is better – a new ERP, MES or PLM implementation, or a new plugin software to add only the required functionalities? If you prefer the former path, we can provide an independent perspective to select the right ERP/MES/PLM vendor for your needs, manage the implementation project including the critical tasks of data cleansing and migration to the new system. If you choose the targeted functionality route, we have delivered significant efficiencies and cost savings through our proprietary shop delivery models, inventory optimizer models, and stochastic shop simulations.

Advisory Aerospace partners with trusted hardware vendors to implement machine monitoring and other connected shop / IoT solutions.

Program Management Support

Our team members have program management experience with some of the largest military and commercial aerospace programs including Hypersonics, F-35 and Commercial Engines. The levels of expertise range from hands on contract management and Earned Value Management System (EVMS) to more strategic levels. The value augmentation from our President and CEO level consultants makes our offering highly compelling to both our commercial and defense clients.

Advanced Technologies

AdvisoryAero's engagements span very strategic (develop technology roadmap or 3D printing adoption planning) to very operational (New product introduction to Composite manufacturing qualifications).

In Additive Manufacturing, we have worked with the largest equipment providers (metal and plastic) as well as medium sized aerospace manufacturers looking to adopt AM.

In composites, our consultants have contributed to qualifying advanced materials for the Boeing 787 and 747-8, V-22 Osprey, AH-64 Apache Longbow and CH-47 Chinook. We have conducted automated fiber placement (AFP) and automated tape placement (ATP) supplier audits on behalf of OEMs.

Product Cost Reduction

We have unmatched expertise in product cost reduction. Our consultants have led some of the most storied cost reduction efforts across the industry. Whether it is Partnership for Success at Boeing, War on Cost for the Joint Strike Fighter at Pratt & Whitney or UTV² at United Technologies Corporation, we were there in leading roles. Additionally, we have seen both sides of the coin as our team has helped several small and medium sized suppliers not to only cope with these cost mandates but to thrive with unforeseen efficiencies gained through our engagements.

Operations & Supply Chain Excellence

A fundamental operations question to ask as a business leader - Does value to my customer flow in a predictable and visible manner? If you are like 90% of the aerospace supply base, the answer is likely to be a resounding 'no' or a muted 'we are trying our best'. Why is it that, despite decades of being in business, most manufacturers struggle in meeting delivery requirements? And there is added cost pressure to boot.

An airplane on the assembly line.

What will get you to the next level of efficient operations? The industry is moving beyond traditional lean manufacturing and six-sigma methodologies and towards more digitized implementations of the factory physics that exploit the unprecedented computing power we have at our fingertips.

AdvisoryAero will help you diagnose your operations, compare with industry benchmarks and develop a get well plan. Our methodology is proven and has evolved over our Consultants' experience of working with over 200 aerospace manufacturers globally.

Transaction Support & Due Diligence

Many consulting firms can do excellent market analysis and market sizing, but we go the extra mile:

Wouldn't you like data-based assurance that your pro forma income statements reflect the target firm's best projections of COGS? How do you predict and eliminate post-acquisition surprises in internal operations?

Our clients love our comprehensive suite of due diligence tools.

Growth & Margin Expansion

Have you ever wondered how you can exploit the impending growth to maximize both your top and bottom lines? What is the optimal CapEx strategy to meet the demand ramp-up?

How do I maximize utilization and minimize WIP to meet the financial requirements? What are the biggest drivers of my wrap rate? How do I correlate my operational performance with my COGS line items? What are the best strategies to reduce supplier spend?

If you're asking any of the above questions, we are ready to help. We don't just recommend and develop plans, we are your experienced partners in executing the plan.


Vivek Saxena giving a speech Vivek Saxena at a podium


FEB 2021 - Virtual

Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance Advance Conference – Main stage presenter on 'Transformative Technologies: The Next Production System Paradigm'

OCT 2020 - Virtual

MRO Transatlantic Virtual Conference – Speaker on the digital ecosystem

MAY 2020 - Virtual

Plastics in Aerospace – Keynote Speech on ' Post COVID-19 Scenarios for the Supply Chain'

FEB 2020 - Miami

Aviation Week Aero-Engines Americas – Chair of the panel on 'The Great Big Technology Panel (Part 2)'

May 2019 - Greensboro

Speed News Aerospace Manufacturing Conference – Keynote speech on 'The Near Future of Aerospace Manufacturing'

FEB 2019 - Seattle

Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance (PNAA) Conference – Chair of the panel on 'Affordability in Action'

JAN 2019 - Dallas

Aviation Week Aero-Engines Americas – Chair of the panel on 'Capacity, Competition and Market Demand – Assessing the State of Aero-Engine MRO'

MAY 2018 - New Orleans

Speed News Aerospace Manufacturing Conference – Keynote speech on 'Manufacturing in Emerging Countries - Challenges & Opportunities for Western SMEs'

MAY 2018 - New Orleans

Aviation Week Network Aerospace Manufacturing Conference – Chair of the panel on 'Lessons & Synergies - Aerospace & Automotive Manufacturing'

OCT 2017 - Los Angeles

Speednews B&GA Conference – Keynote speech on 'Flying cars & Air taxis'

JUL 2016 - UK

Farnborough Airshow – Chair of the panel discussion on 'Automation in Aerospace Manufacturing'

MAY 2016 - Charleston

Speednews Aerospace Manufacturing Conference – Keynote speech on 'New adventures in aerospace manufacturing'

DEC 2015 - Hamburg

M&A Case Studies – Improvements in the long tail of the aerospace supply chain

APR 2015 - Los Angeles

Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace Briefings – Chaired the one day conference organized by Speed News

JUN 2015 - France

Paris Airshow – Chaired the supply chain panel with VPs of Global Supply Chain from GE Aviation and Pratt & Whitney as panelists

Lessons from the Legacy Aerospace Supply Chains whitepaper preview

Lessons from the Legacy Aerospace Supply Chains

Thu Mar 11 2021

An overview of the evolution of aerospace supply chains involving the implementation of new technologies. The focus becomes the impacts of these technologies on the consumer/supplier dynamic and the role technology plays in creating a more efficient supply chain management system.

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Leveraging Digital Technologies to Transform an Aerospace Shop whitepaper preview

Leveraging Digital Technologies to Transform an Aerospace Shop

Thu Dec 10 2020

Responding to skilled labor shortages in aerospace manufacturing requires the need to embrace a digital future. A discussion on how tools such as descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, and simulation can be used throughout a product life cycle to provide increased cash flow and shop floor optimization.

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Post COVID-19 Aerospace Production Forecast whitepaper preview

Post COVID-19 Aerospace Production Forecast

Mon Jun 01 2020

A high level brief of the COVID-19 impact on aerospace production. This is mostly focused on large fixed wing aircrafts and engines but includes the underlying details on all aircrafts in all segments (Business, Rotary, Military). All numbers are based on industry consensus of air traffic recovering by the end of 2022 to early 2023.

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Post COVID-19 Scenarios for the Aerospace Supply Chain whitepaper preview

Post COVID-19 Scenarios for the Aerospace Supply Chain

Mon May 18 2020

A high level brief of the impact of COVID-19 on the aerospace industry. This focuses on the impacts of COVID-19 on production and the ways the aerospace industry may work to recover while including emerging future trends.

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The (Near) Future of Aerospace Manufacturing whitepaper preview

The (Near) Future of Aerospace Manufacturing

Tue May 07 2019

Principles of factory physics do not change despite changing buzzwords on social media. This provides a discussion on the enhancements technology can add as long as a company is rooted in the scientific method and acknowledges the power of technology to reveal opportunities for the company.

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Aerospace Manufacturing in Emerging Countries whitepaper preview

Aerospace Manufacturing in Emerging Countries

Tue May 01 2018

Outsourcing aerospace manufacturing to emerging countries has not been an unmitigated success yet, manufacturing in these countries continues to grow. This discusses the aviation manufacturing trends and opportunities seen in many countries including China, Brazil, and India.

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India Aerospace Supply Chain 2.0 whitepaper preview

India Aerospace Supply Chain 2.0

Tue Oct 31 2017

India's aerospace supply chain is evolving into a new phase which can be identified by eight macro factors. This includes a discussion on these factors as well as the future growth for India's supply chain 2.0 and the implications this may cause.

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