About Us

We offer a combination of expertise from top aerospace companies, and the rigor of top management consulting firms.


To enable transformations and transactions in aerospace by providing our clients with exceptional value through targeted use of technologies, the operational expertise of our team of aerospace executives, combined with the analytical rigor of our consultants.

Our Story

While leading some of the most significant projects during the re-emergence of Pratt & Whitney – programs like the Joint Strike Fighter Engine and Gear Turbo fan, and in process improvement initiatives like Engineering Standard Work, Supply Chain Process Certification and Manufacturing Cost Reduction – Dr. Vivek Saxena had the opportunity to partner with several external consultants. He realized, as many frustrated industry executives have expressed, that while top shelf consultants bring fresh insights and benchmarks, it is inefficient to collaborate with a group of generalists who lack industry experience at their working level. Most career consultants have little hands-on experience, and as a result, engagements that require deeper collaboration, - Operations & Supply Chain – have unusually low yields. He also had the opportunity to lead Aerospace Operations & Supply Chain Practice at a leading global consulting firm, which further reinforced his observations.

Vivek Saxena in a client meeting

Dr. Saxena also observed the inability to harness and adapt modern technology in aerospace manufacturing and supply chain management. Perceiving multiple unmet client needs, Vivek founded Advisory Aerospace OSC in 2017. He put together a team that is highly valued by clients for combining the experience of practitioners with the rigor of consultants.

Our consultants are engineers with real-life manufacturing and supply chain experience. Many have held executive level positions in major aerospace companies. They understand the stated and unstated needs of clients, partner effectively and efficiently with client teams, speak the language that only practitioners know, while executing projects with rigorous frameworks, using proprietary and proven tools.

Our experts are functional leaders, problem solvers, well-versed in data analytics, and have been in your shoes as industry executives.


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Our Clients

Our clients span a vast swath of the aerospace industry, including: